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Events Calendar

Check out these great workshops YWIM is offering in 2018!

The first in a series of Performance Workshops funded by the Cultural Industries Training Fund will be offered on March 10th.  There will also be a Chart-writing workshop as part of the series, and finally, two 'performance' workshops held at the United Church on Main Street on March 24th.  One will be an 'unplugged' workshop, and we're hiring a guitarist; the other will be 'plugged in' and we're hiring 3 musicians to back up each performer/participant during their practice sets.  As well as a great Cook Shack itinerary this year will also offer a summer music camp workshop in beautiful Marsh Lake with JamFest 2018.

Keep posted and check the above events calendar for more great learning and performance opportunities. 


JamFest 2018


Music Skills and Training 2018


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Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People